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Main view of the Philips PowerCyclone 8.
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Read our review of the Philips PowerCyclone 8. Fast, efficient and provides a deep clean. Utilises a TriActive nozzle for three-way cleaning, and an effective allergen filter for dust, pollen and pet hair. The eighth instalment of the PowerCyclone.
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ColoursBlack & Red
Allergen FilterYes
AccessoriesCrevice Tool / Small Nozzle
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Our Review

The Philips PowerCyclone 8 is a powerful, high performance, bagless vacuum cleaner. It's the eighth in the PowerCyclone series, building on previous versions. It uses Philips' own cyclonic technology - powerful swirling motion to maximise air flow and therefore give a thorough and deep clean. It has an in-built allergen filtration system, designed to remove 99.9% of fine dust, pet hair, pollen, etc. It collects these into its large 2 litre capacity dust container ready for disposal. Once full, the dust container can be emptied with one hand.

Main view of the Philips PowerCyclone 8.

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One feature we particularly like is the TriActive nozzle. It has a special design in order to facilitate three-way cleaning. Firstly, it gently opens carpet fibres in order to remove deep down dust and dirt. Secondly, it sucks up large bits/crumbs using a hole at the front. Thirdly, it picks up dust along edges with air channels on its left and right sides. The operational radius of the vacuum cleaner is 10 metres.

About Philips

Philips are a large electronics brand. Their product categories include household appliances, mother/child care, personal care, health, audio/visual and mother/child care. They sell plenty of cleaning equipment, including steam irons, steam generator irons, vacuum cleaners, garment cleaners and more.

Philips PowerCyclone 8 in use.


The features are as follows:

  • TriActive Nozzle - As mentioned above, the PowerCyclone 8 is equipped with a three-way cleaning nozzle known as the TriActive. It gently opens carpet pile in order to remove deep down dust. It has a large hole at the front for crumbs, and two air channels either side for use along edges.
  • Allergen Filter - The powerful allergen filter is capable of removing 99.9% of pollen, fine dust, pet hairs, dust mites, etc. It features an allergy lock system which traps dust and ensures no leakage, which is perfect for allergy sufferers.
  • Air Flow - The PowerCyclone 8 powerfully swirls air around in order to achieve acceleration. Doing this effectively separates dust from air, therefore providing a thorough clean.
  • Dust Container - The dust container has a large 2 litre capacity. It can be detached with one hand ready for emptying.
  • Accessories - The accessories include a crevice tool and a small nozzle.
  • Radius - The vacuum cleaner can clean within a 10 metre radius. This minimises the number of times the vacuum cleaner has to be moved.
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Philips PowerCyclone 8 in a living room.


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Overall, the Philips PowerCyclone 8 is a good vacuum cleaner. It's powerful, energy efficient and very effective at removing dust and filtering allergens. Its TriActive nozzle is one of its more notable features, removing dust from deep within carpets, and also removing crumbs along edges. The allergen filter is also very strong, removing up to 99.9% of dust, pet hair, dust mites and pollen. Our overall rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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